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HMH CX Crossover Vise
Best of both worlds

  • Infinite Head Angle Adjustment
  • Steel, Sure-Grip Tube Jaws
  • Brushed Stainless Chassis
  • Premium Tube Mandrels
  • Quick Change Jaw Feature
  • HMH Omni Jaw
  • HMH Bobbin Rest
  • Ultra-smooth 360 degree Rotary Action
  • Exclusive Disc Drag Rotary Tension Adjustment
  • Easy-Grip Locking Cam Lever
  • Double Spring Material Clip
  • Powder Coated Pedestal Base or C-Clamp
  • Lifetime Guarantee

HMH CX Crossover


The first HMH in-line rotary all-steel tube vise also happens to be the most versatile, and will make you re-think what it means to hold a tube. The new tube jaws will hold tubes rock-solid, with or without junction tubing installed, and with or without steel mandrels. Ultra smooth in-line rotary action and sleek profile for easy tying of tiny micro-tube streamers or huge saltwater patterns.

When you're finished with tying tube flies, just remove the tube converter tool, slip in the HMH Omni Jaw for conventional tying on hooks, and you've got the best rotary vise money can buy.


HMH Premium Tube Vise Package: $285.00
In-line rotary tying on tubes. Includes 2 premium mandrels to fit all tubes, HMH Omni Jaw, HMH Bobbin Rest, choice of Powder Coated Pedestal Base or C-Clamp.


Vise Accessories can add value and function to your HMH vise.

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High Performance tying without the clutter.

Thank you for your interest in HMH fly tying vises. We believe that you won't find a better combination of careful design and performance features, top quality materials, precision machining, versatility, and great looks.
And if you're into tube flies, look no further. HMH Vises is the leader in tube fly vises and tools, tubes and accessories.

Made in Maine, U.S.A.

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