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Tube fly tying techniques and patterns are evolving rapidly, making tube flies even more effective and hooking and landing all freshwater and saltwater gamefish.  Our complete line of top quality tubes and tube accessories has been carefully designed and developed over the last 25 years to give the right tube for any tube fly application.

Our plastic tubes are formulated to work well in all water and weather conditions, and to stand up to any pattern.  You can compare for yourself, but we think you'll find that HMH tubes are not only the best, but also the most economical tubes for tube flies.


Everything you need to know about tying tube flies is here...


HMH Universal Tube Fly Kit


HMH Universal Tube Fly Kit


The HMH Universal Tube Fly Method is an easy to use, universal system of interchangeable Tubes, Tools and Techniques that lets you tie any style of floating or sinking tube fly for any freshwater or saltwater gamefish. The DVD in this package gets you tying tube flies right away.

Our kit includes: HMH Tube fly Method DVD, HMH Starter Tube Fly Tool, HMH Stainless Starter Pins for Tube Tool, HMH Poly Tubes, HMH Rigid Plastic Tubes, HMH Micro Tubing, HMH Hook Holder Tubing, HMH Aluminum and Copper Tubes, HMH Custom and Standard Coneheads.


HMH Universal Tube Fly Kit: $60.00


Tube & Shank Holding Tools



starter tool


Starter Tube Tool
Works in any vise that holds 2/0 hooks. Tool body precision built of stainless steel with brass fittings. Includes 2 stainless steel pins (.041" and .062" dia.) that fit all HMH tubes.

Shown in this image is rigid tool clamped in ring clamp with pin then inserted as stiffener.

Starter Tube Tool 27.00

premium tool

Premium Tube Tool
Same tool body as Starter Tool, but with two machined, tapered mandrels, .041" and .062" dia. Includes tool body, premium mandrels that fit all HMH tubes.
Premium Tube Tool 50.00

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shank adapter

Shank Adapter Tool

*NEW!  Clamps in any vise and gives you the best hold on any straight shank (greater than .035" diameter).  Also can hold plastic or metal tubes up to 3/32" diameter (see our small Rigid and Poly tubes and our aluminum and low profile copper tubes).  Same sleek design as Converter Tool.  Comes with two pins to stiffen platic tubes.

HMH Shank Adapter Tool: $60.00

 Tube tool demo

 Shown here is the method to old straight shank solidly in the Tube Tool, body -- simply clamp end of shank in ring clamp and then tie you rpattern.



converter tool























HMH Tube Vise Converter
The Tube Vise Converter will easily convert your HMH vise with screw-in / screw-out jaws to an in-line rotary tube vise. It offers a whole new way to hold tubes by chucking them directly in the steel jaws.
Mount tubes with or without junction tubing installed; with or without pins/mandrels.
The sleeker design lets you take full advantage of the in-line rotary ability, and makes it easier to get materials on top, bottom, and sides of the pattern unencumbered by the tool holding the tube. Comes with two premium mandrels, sample tubes, and tube fly hook samples.
Tube Vise Converter 70.00

HMH Mandrels and Pins

Premium 2-Mandrel Set (.041 and .062)

Medium Premium Mandrel .041

Large Premium Mandrel .062

HMH Starter Pin Set .031, .041 & .062

HMH Starter Pin .031

HMH Cut To Length Tubes ...for all fly patterns and conditions; most economical


HMH custom-designed Cut to Length Tubes are the most economical way to tie tube flies. Use our Rigid, Poly and Micro tubing to match any tying/angling challenge or application. You can quickly create your own custom tubes simply by cutting the length you need.


HMH Rigid Tubes


Rigid Tubes are designed for high hoop strength so they are great for deer hair patterns and other patterns that use bulky materials that require heavy tying pressure. The tube material is good for all but the coldest water.
Available in Lg (1/8") and Small (3/32") diameters.


Small Rigid Tubes are also available with a thicker wall (TW), for greater strength and better performance in cold conditions. TW tubes are 3/32 inch OD x 5" long, 10 pk. Requires .031" Pin.


$6.00, $4.00 for red and yellow


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HMH Poly Tubes



Our Poly tubes are specifically designed to be tough and durable especially in cold water condition.  Poly tubes are semi-flexible and won't get brittle in cold water.  They are strong enough to stand up to large bulky patterns and have proven to be an excellent tube for winter steelhead.  Our Small Poly Tubes (3/32" OD) are good for large and small patterns.  Deadly HOT colors, and clear.

Each package includes 10, 5" single color pieces.





Hot New Colors


HMH Large Poly Tubes (1/8" OD) are especially versatile in that the larger ID will accept many hook eyes, so you won't need to use hookholder on many of your patterns. 
Our HMH Micro Tubing will nest perfectly with these tubes to create flies with standard drilled cone and bead heads or flies with smaller heads and tapered bodies. Each package includes 10, 5" single color pieces.




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HMH Micro Tubing




Our Micro Tubing is durable and versatile.

It's a tough high-density polyethylene that comes in two wall thicknesses. Use Regular to line metal tubes or nest inside larger tubes (for making small heads, or adding cones).

Our Thick-Wall Micro tubing (requires .031" Dia pin) is tough enough to tie small patterns directly on the tubing - for example, small streamers or big nymphs. Most off-the-shelf cones and beads fit Micro Tubing.

Regular (1/16" OD X .042 ID), 36"piece. 


Thick-Wall (1/16" OD X .031 ID), 36" piece



HMH Metal Tubes That Sink



HMH Metal Tubing


Pre-cut aluminum and copper tubes in a range of lengths to match any tying/angling situation.

Line tubes with included Micro tubing. Add standard drilled cones or beads if desired. Hook Holder tubing also included.


Aluminum Tubes. 3/32" o.d. tubes sink slowly and drift naturally. Micro and Hook Holder tubing incl. 10 per pack.


Copper Tubes, Large. 1/8" o.d. thick-walled tubes that take flies down quickly. Micro and Hook Holder tubing incl. 10 per pack.


Copper Tubes, Small. 3/32" o.d. , low-profile copper tubes sink 2-3X faster than aluminum. Micro and Hook Holder tubing incl. 10 per pack.



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Partridge Shanks

Partridge Intruder Shank

Return loop Up-Eye, vertical rear loop.  Sizes: 15mm, 25mm, 35mm, 45mm, 55mm (note-25mm is approx. 1")

Partridge Intruder Shanks $9.00

Partridge Predator Shank

Return loop Straight-Eye, horiz. rear loop.  Sizes: 15mm, 25mm, 35mm,

Partridge Predator Shanks   $8.50

Partridge Waddington Shank

The original shank. Up-return loop eye, horiz. rear loop.  Sizes: 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 35mm, 45mm, 55mm

Partridge Waddington Shanks   $9.00


OPST Shanks

These are the perfect companion to our Shank Adapter. Designed specifically for steelhead and salmon patterns in any water. Two styles.

OPST Intruder Shank

Return loop up-eye straight shank.  Sizes: 25mm, 50mm, 60mm, Stainless

OPST Intruder Shanks $9.00

OPST Steelhead Shank

Ring eye, straight shank "Steelhead" Shank: 32mm, 51mm and 75mm in .045" dia; Black nickel.

OPST Steelhead Shanks $8.00

OPST Micro Steelhead Shank

"Micro" shank 32mm long and .035" dia wire. Black nickel.

OPST Micro Steelhead Shanks 8.00


HMH Hook Holder


Hook Holder

Our custom material makes for easy to use, thin and durable hookholder. Feels like silicone but lasts like PVC.
Large Hookholder fits our Large (1/8" OD) tubes, and Small Hookholder fits our Small (3/32" OD) tubes. Clear plus three hot colors.


Large Hook Holder, 12" piece:

Small Hook Holder, 12" piece:

Hook Holder Tubing Assortments - Large and Small. Includes one, 12" piece of each color: Clear, Fl. Orange, Fl. Pink and Fl. Chartreuse.

   Large Assortment, $6.25

    Small Assortment, $6.25



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 HMH Coneheads


HMH Coneheads

Get tube flies down deep with Coneheads specially drilled to fit on our plastic tubes. Large Coneheads fit Large 1/8" diameter plastic tubes, Medium Coneheads fit Small 3/32" plastic tubes, Small Coneheads fit 1/16" Micro Tubing. Available in brass, bright nickel, and black nickel finishes. 10 to a package.

HMH Lg Custom-Drilled Coneheads $4.00

HMH Med Custom-Drilled Coneheads $4.00

HMH Small Coneheads $4.00


HMH Cone, Hook, and Bead Storage System

Clear, flat, thin outer box with lid that contains 12 (Small) or 24 (large) individual screw-cap round containers that stores cones, beads, or other small parts safely and securely. Outer boxes are space efficient, and travel easily or stack well on your tying bench.

Large Storage System $12.00

Small Storage System $9.00  


Tube & Shank Hooks



shank bc




Tube Fly Hooks

A.  The Daiichi X510 is Daiichi's x-point hook with exceptional penetration; Wide gape bend, 3X-short shank, 3X-heavy wire, straight eye, forged, XPoint. Great for steelhead and salmon. Available in sizes 4, 6, 8, 10. (25 hooks per pack)

Daiichi X510  $7.50

B.  The Daiichi 1640
has found many uses as a dry fly hook. However it's standard wire, 2X-short shank & the straight-eye makes this hook ideal for all sorts of trout tube flies. Available in 12, 14, and 16. (25 hooks per pack) 

Daiichi 1640  $5.50

C.  The Daiichi 1650 Tube Fly Hook has the same shape as the 1640. This hook features 2X-heavy wire which makes it great for large trout, steelhead and salmon tube flies. Available in 6, 8, 10. (25 hooks per pack) 

Daiichi 1650  $5.50

D. Owner SSW Straight eye Cutting point
Premium quality hooks for tubes - short shank and straight-eye for most tube patterns. Features include Cutting Point for superior penetration, black chrome finish, and offset point for sticking power. Available in sizes 2/0, 1/0, 2, 4. 10 pack (sizes 2,4) or 8 pack (2/0, 1/0).

Owner SSW  $7.50


E.  Partridge Nordic Tube Fly Hook. Rock solid, beautifully made short shank, straight eye hook. Modified Sproat bend, wide gape, x-strong hook, ideal for salmon, trout, and steelhead tube patterns. Black Nickel finish. Straight eye. 25 per pack.  Sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14

Partridge Nordic  $6.50

      Trailer Hooks for Shanks

F.  Partridge “Intruder” Shank Hook. Best stinger hook available - the slightly greater up-eye bend allows trailer wire to snug tight on eye without causing the hook to tilt up or down -- rides nice and straight behind the fly. Ideal for Salmon & Steelhead Intruders and streamer stingers. Up Eye, Beaked Point, Strong Wire, Forged Bend, Offset, Micro Barb, Black Nickel

Partridge Intruder  $9.00


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Vise Accessories can add value and function to your HMH vise.

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High Performance tying without the clutter.

Thank you for your interest in HMH fly tying vises. We believe that you won't find a better combination of careful design and performance features, top quality materials, precision machining, versatility, and great looks.
And if you're into tube flies, look no further. HMH Vises is the leader in tube fly vises and tools, tubes and accessories.

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